Conservation Allies

Conservation Allies saves nature by partnering with effective teams worldwide.

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Our mission

We partner with NGOs working on biodiversity conservation around the globe.

How do we partner with conservation groups?

The single greatest challenge for local conservation organizations based in a developing nation is raising funds to sustain their activities. The most efficient and effective groups working on-the-ground cannot spare their sparse financial resources to marketing and establishing a charity in the U.S. While these are frequently the entities making a real difference and major impact, they simply cannot compete with the marketing dominance of the largest international NGOs.

Conservation Allies identifies the most dedicated and efficient local non-profits with a proven track record of major impact. We then partner with those entities to provide technical assistance at no cost and we also offer a 501(c)3 tax-deductible platform to help raise funds for the work of these organizations.  Thanks to generous financial backing, Conservation Allies charges no overhead or admin costs on all donations to any of our partners.

Conservation Allies is unique in offering a true partnership for local conservation organizations in the countries of greatest need.   It is time to get funds to the organizations that make a difference.

Our team

Rowens Cristancho

Manager- Conservation and communications

rowens cristancho

Rowens is the combination of a conservation biologist, a broadcaster, and a digital marketer. He has a personal passion for biodiversity and environmental protection. He has participated in tropical forest preservation, protection of threatened species, and ecotourism in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Madagascar.  He firmly believes that lifelong learning is the key to adaptation in a changing world. He loves sharing his knowledge about nature with others as an international speaker and educative youtuber.

Dr. Paul Salaman - Board Member

Paul Salaman

Dr. Salaman is a recognized expert on global biodiversity conservation and has been heavily involved in advancing science-based conservation actions and priorities for the most threatened species, including directing urgent interventions to save Critically Endangered species at imminent risk of extinction. While he has authored many scientific papers and articles, Dr. Salaman has bridged the gap between science and on-the-ground conservation action across the tropics — with 30 years of field experience in South America.

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