Ny Tanintsika

About us

Ny Tanintsika, meaning “Our Land” in Malagasy, was created with support from the Scottish charity “Feedback Madagascar”  with the aim of:

1. Developing a sustainable local model for good governance, accountability and efficiency;
2. Bridging the gulf of misunderstanding often found between local beneficiaries and foreign NGOs;
3. Developing Malagasy civil society.

Ny Tanintsika’s mission is to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable natural resource management through support to socio-economic development and environmental action whilst promoting good governance.

Our slogan is “Against Poverty, for Nature”.Ny Tanintsika’s work is focused in three regions (Haute Matsiatra, Vatovavy Fitovinany and Amoron’i Mania) and around two biodiversity hotspots : the COFAV protected area and the tapia forest of Amoron’i Mania region.

work with community lemur monitors
Lemur observation by young people

Institutional Vision
An NGO that is continually more effective, efficient and sustainable; a model in Africa.

Our Impact Vision
Healthy people who take charge of their own development, living in harmony with a flourishing
natural world in a fair society.

Ny Tanintsika contributes to reducing poverty and improving sustainable natural resource
management through capacity-building, realisation of socio-economic development activities,
environmental action and the promotion of good governance.

Forest restoration
checking work of community lemur monitors

Strategic approaches

Promoting integrated development & conservation activities in priority geographical zones.
➢ Close collaboration with local and traditional authorities, and public services (health, education,
population, water, agriculture and animal husbandry, environment and forests, …) for the
coordination and carrying out of activities.
➢ Action based on trainings and local capacity-building.
➢ Use of multimedia for awareness-raising; information-education-communication supports,
facilitation and discussion via audio-visual sessions.
➢ Development of a monitoring and evaluation system at all levels.

Tagging where lemurs were observed
red signs prohibiting farming

Our team

Dr. Mahefatiana RALISATA

Project officer

Mahefa leads our forest and lemur
conservation work. She has a PHD in
Conservation Science & Zoology, & had over
15 years of experience in research &
protected area management before joining
Ny Tanintsika’s team in 2019. She is
passionate about protecting Madagascar’s
unique biodiversity.

Nathalie Mamiarilala RATSIMBAZAFY

Programme Assistant

Nathalie provides a support role to Ny
Tanintsika’s environment and sustainable
livelihoods projects, with a focus on youth
mobilisation for environmental action, and
developing communication supports to get
across important messages for positive
behaviour change. She has a Masters in
Ecosystem Science.


project assistant

A GIS Specialist, Antsa’s work focuses on
processing data from community patrollers
and lemur monitors, and data analysis and
mapping related to forest cover evolution and
lemur sightings. He liaises with the various
community stakeholders and ensures their
capacity-building in data collection and

François Celestin RASIARISON

Field agent

François specialises in sustainable livelihood support work, notably small-scale fish-farming, chicken-rearing and farming. He is highly mobile across the forest corridor, working with communities to the east and west of it.

Hortense Flavienne RAHARILALAO

Field agent

Hortense is experienced in community
support work – generating enthusiasm around
community-level action plans to address
environmental and livelihoods issues.


Field agent

Olivier is one of our longest-serving field
agents, serving the very remote areas to the
east of the rainforest corridor. He is hugely
experienced in agroforestry, tree-planting and
forest restoration work, as well as community
outreach and mobilisation.