Neotropical Primate Conservation

About us

Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) is a registered charity founded in the UK in 2007, with branches in Peru and Colombia. NPC is dedicated to working with local communities towards the conservation of natural habitats in South and Central America. This is done through the use of primates as flagship species to promote biodiversity conservation.

NPC at a glance

In Peru we have worked on the establishment and continued management of hundereds of thousands of hectares of protected areas, including the creation of 11 community managed reserves covering around 90,000 ha.

Our work ensures protection of three of the least known and most threatened primate species; the yellow tailed woolly monkey, the San Martin titi monkey and the Peruvian night monkey, work that has led to documented increases in population sizes.

Our work against illegal wildlife trafficking has resulted in the confiscation of over 3,000 animals.

Real and lasting conservation actions

Our community-based conservation approach means that the reserves are protected by those who actually live in and around the forest, leading to real on-the-ground protection by those with the most to gain from continued access to a healthy environment. This also leads to wider, ecosystem level, conservation in areas between the reserves.

At our main project site, the elimination of hunting of the yellow tailed woolly monkey led to a documented ~20% increase in the population since 2007, and local level bans on clear cutting of forest led to deforestation rates dropping below those of surrounding areas. Our research into the Peruvian night monkey provided proof that the species is much more threatened than previously thought, resulting in the IUCN raising its category from Vulnerable to Endangered, and so focusing more attention on its protection. In Colombia we are leading the National Conservation Plan for the Critically Endangered Colombian Black spider monkey, a species that only survives in some of the most troubled parts of the country. The action plan has become a legal document which guides government policy at the national and regional levels.

Our team

Sam Shanee

Founder and projects director

Sam has 20 years’ experience in conservation, working in Asia and South America. He co-founded NPC in 2007 and has since been in charge of projects in Peru and Colombia.

Nestor Allagas

President of NPC Peru

Nestor is a mammologist and herpetologist and has worked with NPC since 2009. He leads the Peru office, coordinating with government agencies, funders, and communities, but also like to get his hands dirty in the field.


Patricia Mendoza

Chief veterinarian

Patricia is an expert in wildlife medicine and leads work against illegal wildlife trafficking, she is a member of the IUCN Wildlife Health Specialist Group and is currently studying for her Phd at the University of St Louis.

Alejandro Alarcón

Field Team

Alejandro, or Apu, is a zoologist and professional ornithologist from Lima. He has conducted many studies throughout Peru and leads our research and monitoring field trips to the community run reserves.

Karla Ramirez

Chief education officer

Karla is a long-time collaborator with NPC and officially became a director of NPC Peru in 2019. She has years of experience working in environmental education and community relations throughout Peru.