Mikajy Natiora

Mikajy natiora

About us

Mikajy Natiora means ‘protect the nature’. Mikajy Natiora is a Madagascar-based conservation non-profit association, created in 2013 by Malagasy biologists. The members of the association are composed of multidisciplinary biologists who want to prevent the extinction of the country’s endemic fauna and flora.

The objective of the association is to protect the Malagasy endemic biodiversity by combining ecological research and local community involvement. 

Our work

The project site of Mikajy Natiora is located in Northwest Madagascar, within the Sofia Region, including the Sahamalaza-Iles Radama National Park, the Andilambologno forest, and its surrounding villages. The association also works in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. 

In order to decrease the forest pressures and to protect the endemic biodiversity, Mikajy Natiora focuses on the following activities : 


Our research focuses on lemurs including the blue-eyed black lemur (Eulemur flavifrons), which is restricted to the northwestern part of Madagascar, and the Madagascar sacred ibis (Threskiornis bernieri).

Conference debate_EarthDay

Education & community outreach

Several awareness and outreach activities have been conducted including conferences, debates, environmental quizzes,  kids’ contests (sketch, drawing, poem), carnivals, documentaries, cleanings (beach, road, school), and PowerPoint presentations.

Improvement of the living conditions

Through alternative livelihood projects we support the local community in order to reduce unsustainable natural resources dependency. 

Some facts

We have contributed to the conservation of the blue-eyed black lemur since 2014. 

Through research in Anabohazo forest, we discovered that the mouse lemur (Microcebus sambiranensis) is occurring within the Sahamalaza-Iles Radama National Park. 

We have implemented successful education and outreach programs within the Sofia region.

We were the first to celebrate Earth Day within the region and also the first to organize a social dialogue engagement with the local stakeholders for biodiversity protection in the Sofia region. 

We discovered the forest of Andilambologno recently and we are conducting the first rapid lemur survey within the forest in 2015.