Groupe d’Étude et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar (GERP)


About us

GERP aims to promote studies and research on lemurs and its habitat in order to preserve them, and to undertake actions for the conservation and management of protected areas, in harmony with the well-being of the local communities. We also advocate for good environmental governance and for the application of laws in its field of intervention

GERP at a glance

GERP, in English,  Malagasy Primatological Study and Research Group, is a non-profit organization, created in 1994, whose objective is to protect lemurs and its habitat for the future generation. It is composed of hundreds of malagasy and foreign members. GERP is at the initiative of the World Lemur Festival held in Madagascar and every part of the world.

Our Work

For 25 years, GERP has worked for the protection of lemurs. It believes that the preservation of these endemic species of Madagascar is everyone’s business, and that we protect only what we know, the reason why education and sensitization is part of its conservation program. As lemurs are still full of mystery, GERP carries out continuous research, inventories, and participates in national and international conferences to share their results. 

Furthermore, it conducts patrols and forest restoration to preserve its protected areas, supports local communities through income generating activities like agriculture,  breeding, crafts and tourist guides, capacity building and community health. To achieve its goals, GERP works with a lot of partners, malagasy government, local authority and communities.

Our team


Gerp President

He is the President of the Primatological Study and Research Group (GERP), co-Vice Chair – Madagascar section, IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group; and the President of the International Primatological Society. He has published over 200 research papers, review articles and book chapters and he sits on the Editorial Boards of 13 international journals and has won many international awards and prizes such as the Disney’s Hero Conservation Award in 2015 and a 2019 Lifetime Honorary Fellow from the Council of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC). 


Technical Coordinator

Graduated from the Higher School of Agronomic Sciences, Agriculture Department of the University of Antananarivo Madagascar. He is passionate about and interested in rural development and the protection of the environment. Since 2015, he has been involved with GERP for the conservation of the biodiversity of Manombo Farafangana and the improvement of the well-being of the local population who lives and depends greatly on the forest. 


Financial officer

Noa studied Finance and Accounting. Passionate about environmental conservation, she has progressed in this field since the beginning of her career for 5 years now. She is constantly learning with enthusiasm and conviction to help GERP develop a financial stability to maintain its conservation works for lemurs and its habitat.


Technical coordinator

Andry is the Technical coordinator Maromizaha protected area. He got his DEA in Primatology within the Department of Paleontology and Biologic Anthropology of Antananarivo in 2005. From 2013, His consultancy domain concerns the ecology and the lemur conservation in Madagascar. He followed a training on communal ecotourism, GIS, conservation criminology, and participated also to an international conference on the Prosimians in 2013. He is also author and co-author in some scientific articles on the inventories of lemurs conducted in the Eastern and South-East of Madagascar.