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Fikambanana Bongolava Maitso

About us

Fikambanana Bongolava Maitso (FBM) is a non-profit organization that was created in 2005. Our main mission is to reduce poverty in the rural community by developing income-generating activities and by strengthening the rational management and conservation of natural resources. Since 2016, FBM has been the delegated manager of the Bongolava Forest Corridor Protected Area. 

FBM at a glance

FBM is made up of 13 technicians with 718 members spread over two districts (Mampikony and Port-Bergé). Members at the Fokontany level provide awareness, patrols, and surveillance of the Protected Area, and technicians develop the association’s work tools, and technical and financial partnerships. The monitoring of the implementation of activities and the evaluation of the impact of its activities is the responsibility of the members of the Association’s Board of Directors.

Our Work

  • Between 2005 until 2010, FBM was able to transform the status of “Classified Forest of Marosely” into Category V New Protected Area or Harmonious Protected Landscape. 
  • Since 2015, the new protected area “Corridor Forestier Bongolava” has been clearly demarcated. Sensitization of community members was carried out at all levels ranging from the village to the district capital.
  • Installation of a few kilometers of firebreaks around the forest fragments of the Bongolava Forest Corridor PA in order to reduce and mitigate the spread of forest fires within the protected area.
  • Identification of five species of Lemurs (Propithecus coquereli, Eulemur fulvus, Lepilemur otto, Cheirogaleus medius, Microcebus murinus) with a probable existence of the local endemic species Microcebus bongolavensis, and their densities in the PA as well as the existence of the population of the tortoise species Erymnochelys madagascariensis which is classified as critically endangered by IUCN.
  • Reforestation programs have been put in place with the production of 10,000 plants for the occupants of the sustainable use zone of the PA in order to restore the soil and increase the productivity of the field.
  • The members of the FBM were able to benefit from the promotion of the technique of cultivating wild yam in order to increase everyone’s income as well as the promotion of the beekeeping sector in the Fokontany of Marosely Commune Rurale de Tsarahasina.

Our team


Chairman of the board of directors

A geographer by training, he supervises the activities of FBM and is one of the founding members of the association. He worked with Conservation International Madagascar during the creation process of the Protected Area Corridor Forestier Bongolava by being responsible for Information Communication and Awareness and also organizations working in the development of the rural world such as Secaline, ONN Sofia, Prosperer Sofia, Aga Khan Foundation. He is regional vice-president of the TAFOMIAAVO association and REDD + board members.


Executive Director

A botanist by training, he specialized in the Ecological Restoration of forest fragments. He evolved within Missouri Botanical Garden Madagascar for 10 years. Since 2016, he has provided leadership and representation for the association nationally and internationally. He ensures the financial security of the association by developing projects and promoting lucrative activities to support specific actions of the association.

RAHARISOA Marie Waï-Line

Head of Conservation and research

A conservationist, she is passionate about the interaction of “ritualistic customs and traditions” with the conservation of natural resources. Since 2019, she has been interested in the different species of Lemurians present in the Bongolava Forest Corridor PA and also in the mapping of subpopulations of Erymnochelys madagascariensis in the extent of this PA. She ensures within FBM the design of working tools to collect information on the various infringements in the PA and develops projects contributing to conservation and research in the scope of the PA.

RABEMAHAFALY Michel Rocard de l’Or

Head of monitoring and evaluation

A biologist by training, he manages databases and monitors activities in the field. Rocard is the association’s sigiste and is responsible for training all teams on the handling of SMART software.

MARO Gaston

Income generating activities

Agricultural technician, Gaston specializes in fruit trees and pig farming. He has had training in beekeeping, fish farming and poultry farming. Its main role is to provide technical support to community members for each project obtained. It also makes proposals for agricultural development projects to improve the income of community members.


Patrol leader

A member of the community with the skills and techniques to mobilize people, Tsaravintana ensures the proper functioning of community patrolling activities around the PA. It works in close collaboration with Waï-Line and it ensures the holding of established monitoring programs. He is in direct contact with the judicial police officers as soon as there is a control mission carried out by the forestry administration.