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For twenty years, ProAves has been dedicated to saving the most endangered birds and biodiversity across Colombia. Using scientific knowledge ProAves has targeted the protection of Key Biodiversity Areas through establishing nature reserves, community engagement, and outreach.

Food Bank Peru is  a non-profit association that works as intermediary between food companies and social organizations. They recover food without commercial value to distribute it to people suffering from food insecurity.

Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) is a registered charity founded in the UK in 2007, with branches in Peru and Colombia. NPC is dedicated to working with local communities towards the conservation of natural habitats in South and Central America. This is done through the use of primates as flagship species to promote biodiversity conservation.

CEDIA aims to strengthen the institutions of indigenous peoples, build local capacity for the sustainable management of their territories and natural resources, promote conservation and co-management of protected areas, and provide access to the fundamental rights of Amazonian populations.

Fanamby is a non profit organization created in 1997 to ensure sustainable management of harmonious protected landscapes and seascapes in Madagascar, with and for local communities.  

Since 1991, Madagascar National Parks is a non-profit association appointed to manage the countries precious National Parks and Reserves. Madagascar National Parks currently manages 43 critical protected areas made up of National Parks, Special Reserves and Integral Nature Reserves.

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