About us

Mitsinjo was created in 0ctober 9, 1999 in Andasibe by the initiative of local members. Its Office is located in Andasibe Gare, Bureau Ankaizina.Composed of 48 members since 2019, the association is working especially in Alaotra Mangoro region, but also everywhere in Madagascar according to projects.

Mitsinjo activities

– Conservation of biodiversity

Management of the Analamazaotra forestry station or Mitsinjo Park (710 Ha) since 30 years and the Torotorofotsy Ramsar Site in close collaboration with Asity Madagascar.

Scientific research in collaboration with Malagasy and foreigner researchers.

Environmental education.

Ecotourism (visit of parks).

– Population development


Involvement of the women’s community

– Health

It depends on the politics and the reality in Madagascar (Epidemic and pandemic diseases like the paludism, Water and sanitation, etc.)

Mitsinjo objectives and visions

– Protect and permanently manage the natural resources including the biodiversity of flora and fauna for the common and sustainable benefit, and for the future generation.

– Preserve endemic animals and plants to prevent their extinction.

– Improve the lives of members and the local population.

Mitsinjo strategies

– Periodic and permanent patrol services.

– Survey and inventory database on sensitive flora and fauna.

– Collaboration with local and foreign environmental organizations, Specialists, Experts, Universities, Donors, groups of people interested in preserving nature and the development of the population.

– Training, exchange and sharing experience which contribute to local and international workshops.

– Environmental education at school and in sensitive villages.

Our team

Nasoavina Christin

President Manager of Mitsinjo

Cont: + 261 34 84 346 49 


Alain Sam Alimarisy

Responsible of finances

Cont: +261 34 96 876 74